Saturday, October 15, 2011

Enlightenment for the Old and Wrinkly

Just spent a couple of weeks on the road, some camping, lots of driving.
With older body, I simply don't want to lay out as much energy, or put up with much danger or discomfort. And still every moment is pretty darn good.
Do less, enjoy it more. It's clear that I will be doing less and less as time goes by.
Not really upset by it, as it's one of those things you can fight fiercely and it will still happen, so am beginning to conserve energy now!
My husband and I are noticing we have timed-out of a lot of the ambitions and pre-occupations of our younger selves. They are not going to happen, or no longer desired.
One of the things on my bucket list was becoming one with the universe.
The joke of that was, of course, nothing has ever been separate. But it's nice to see that.
Lots of people my age are timing out on this item: end  the spiritual search.
Finally find the Great Whatever.
This is for you, geezers.
Stop holding on to your failures, your attachment to the stuff that has failed to do more than give you temporary peace of mind (off the cushion, back into hell), your Buddha, and your excuses.
Try one more thing. Something which is probably very like what you've been doing, except this works.
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For all these, you pay nothing, just bring some straight up honesty and willingness.  Do it while you are living your normal life. Because you know you are running out of time, and this is what you wanted.
It's probably even sweeter for us old guys.

And for you younger people, why wait?

Much love,