Monday, December 12, 2011

Are teachers useful?

who yo daddy? who yo gooroo?
there's a big difference between looking up to someone
and what happens when true friendship, or love, is allowed.
the first means keeping the Ultimate Attainment 'out there' 
just beyond reach of where we see ourselves on a beautiful golden ladder.
and the second means living in presence of reality here
and walking round naked all the time, alive as can be.            

The poet above lucked out, he actually did/does have a close and fruitful relationship with someone who hounded him into leaving behind his ideas of a self.
Others walk their wild and lone way, visiting spirituality when they smell something interesting.
Most of us are lost in a crowd of seekers, reading the books, chanting the chants, serving in the kitchen, paying the tithes and retreat fees. .
Supporting the ones who know. In the hopes of someday being special.
We listen to them gas on, talking about how peaceful it is where they are, and how other enlightened people (who wrote books and had followers) described it correctly, or not.
We practice the practices, amusingly, considering the more honest say that practices were useful only in wearing out the seeking.
Dear ones, we are ALL utterly ordinary. Mr and Mrs Special, unless they have a pretty damn good way to, in reality, wake people up (and you might want to ask them about their successes in that area) are in a long line of people who probably did get 'there', but have no idea how to get you there.
So they cannot really help you, unless you get 'there' and recognize it from the descriptions. Which is useful. For after. Which is not gonna be you at this rate.
Would you like to be ordinary? and awake?
I have not the faintest interest in giving you one more idea and concept, or taking one dollar from you. The mechanism of seeing through the illusion of a separate self, call it what you will, is available.
We do it individually, one on one. You get to have that short, sharply directed relationship with someone who can get you through the illusion of self.
You can accept the amazing depth and truth of that seeing, or not.
Work with it, or let it work on you. These things are not different.
Unless you like to cook, get out of the kitchen.

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