Monday, March 19, 2012

Ultimate Irrelevance

This process, as the previous Disclaimer post suggests, is not in the control of a separate I. If it was, it would NEVER come to this.
Everything I ever thought about life is completely irrelevant to what is.

This is a bit of a shocker, even though it's been seen for a while. This awakening is like a penetrating oil, it loosens the nuts and bolts of a self constructed in thought. And now I am not sure if I am screwed or unscrewed :-)

I'm voting screwed.
In the sense that it's a powerful taking away of meaning, importance, and sense of special-ness.
If I never had another special thought about anything important, absolutely nothing would happen. Good, or bad.
That's how important all this thinking and striving and manufacture of meaning has been.
One way or the other, it is no longer relevant.

I could wait till dying and look back and have a good laugh.
What the hell was all that about? The passionate belief in things? The striving? Only to return to nothing, no-one, and the great blank at the end?

Or I could have moments where it is acknowledged that there is no-one here but the character, and it's all a play, but carry on. Like you do.

Or just live with the open space.

I'm screwed.

I'll be posting a couple more conversations where someone else took the step towards ultimate irrelevance.
With much love.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Awakening: not what you thought

Recently we needed a disclaimer for the Liberation Unleashed forum.
A few of us had read Jed McKenna before arriving at the Gate. With a nod and a laugh to the Jed-i, please read on:

The method of inquiry used on this site may actually work, unlike many spiritual practices. It may change how you regard your self, your relationships and your world. Neither you nor we can predict how this will turn out for you. If you are already fragile, it may exacerbate any mental condition or disorder, or it may not. If your relationship sucks, it may improve it, or not. If you have strong religious or spiritual beliefs, direct experience may support them, or (in our experience) not.

You are responsible for your honesty, integrity and focus. 
We advise that you be willing to take the risk and accept that a leap into the unknown is just that.

All we can do for you is show you the door, you have to walk through it. 
Enter at your own risk."

This would have both thrilled and frightened me.
What do you think? 
Much love, Elizabeth