Saturday, January 7, 2012

Miguel's awakening, and the new Spanish Speaker's Forum

I've had the distinct pleasure of working with people on Facebook, email, and lately, on the Liberation Unleashed forum.
This direct pointing process recently became available in languages other than English.
Miguel is one of the founding members of the new Spanish forum, after bravely seeing through the illusion of self.
In a language he is not entirely comfortable in.
That is motivation!
Here is part of the dialogue. He's seen that self is an illusion, and it's sinking in.

After the intilial "Click" awakening is happening slowly.
There's no i but identification with thoughts yet and everything seems to be as always.
But there's no me.
Yesterday inquiring had a beautiful glipse if the truth. I was awakening in to reality. The feeling was like a tree growing and blossoming, life showing all its beauty. It is beautiful.
When i inquire this glimpses happen more and more often.
This last night i saw for the first time really clear that there is nobody in there. Really clear. It was kind of a frightening "experience". NOBODY in there. "I" was like a clock working by itself. All my being was a clock working alone, without a doer. Only happening. It was amazing to see it directly.
This morning started some inquiry and again, the direct experience of life blossoming by it self. I was part of the game of life. I was one with life. This realization is really powerful and when u see it all desires stop coz all is here and there's nothing to get. Here is the best of all the spiritual experiences possibles, the best orgasm, the best of all your desires accomplished, the best of all the gifts...
Its very beautiful and tears tends to appear cz the search stops.

Next day: Miguel
Thoughts continue appearing with the action. And there's still identification. I still believe that this thoughts are doing anything.
But one thing has disappeared today. The fear of losing it and the insecurity of losing my awakening. Now i feel more secure about this, more established in it.

We've been talking a bit offline, and you've been talking to others, and it's all becoming clearer, day by day. Layers and layers of belief come up, are questioned, sometimes come back. We are not in a hurry, as the journey is, as you say, amazing.
This is the process. I've heard it referred to as the natural state, as we relax into what we really are.
Please post here as you like, it helps others, we've heard that so often.

Yeah, its getting established slowly day by day.
Yesterday was a very intense day with lot of movement. The silence, the presence of truth is really overwhelming sometimes and some layers of fear appeared. Theres a feeling of losing control or driving me crazy sometimes cz i know all is slowly falling down. That's the feeling and it brings fear here.
Today i'm feeling more balanced and really tired cz of yesterdays movement.
The most beautiful feeling was the feeling of my aura, my etheric body getting really light and the feeling of space full of lightness inside the body. Like if all the solid thoughts and emotions are getting lighter. It feels so good.

But experiences comes and goes.  We all know that and they are not the objective. Better not to get attached to this kind of stuff although is good to enjoy it the time it is there and maybe inquire a bit about whos enjoying this experiences.
Today i feel more grounded but tired. Feels like today i'm resting from yesterday whole being "trip".
It feels like i see more clear that there's no Santa. It feels like santa is being attachment dissolved and getting smaller and smaller. Theres no fear about loosing it now and see with more clarity.

Next day: Miguel
Whole being purification was really powerful yesterday and theres no doubt here about whats happening here and that this is real and its really happening (mind didnt want to belive 2 days ago).

If you'd like to see the whole conversation, and many more, please go onto Liberation Unleashed, and look at the Liberations link on the Board Index.
If you'd like to do this in Spanish, please apply to Miguel and his friends on Facebook:

Still free, still on the internet, still amazing.
Much love, Elizabeth

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