Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diego Stargazer: Guest blogger

I am a big fan of Diego's writing, but even more enamored of his clarity.
This is a recent post of his. I hope you enjoy.

The Day I Left For Good

standing attentively listening
a thousand eyes open to the suffering of the world;
but that’s not how I woke up.
Hundreds of hours of energy healing practices
extending the sense of touch
through chakras, organs and solid objects;
that’s not how I woke up.
Many thousands of mantras
the speech of the Buddhas
chanted diligently, dutifully, determined;
but that’s not how I woke up.
Fasting regularly to develop discipline
and self control
and good health
patience too;
but that’s not how I woke up.
Reading hundreds of books
by authors with unpronounceable names
who made everyday experience sound exotic;
that’s definitely not how I woke up.
Attending empowerments
rituals, services
and blessings
could not have had
less to do
with how I woke up.
Bowing three times
before pictures of holy people
burning incense
or ringing bells;
that really had no part in how I woke up.
There is just one thing
that had any part to play
in how I woke up:
I left.
I left here for good.
I never did wake up.
Waking up just got tired
of following the I around.
Enough of this farce !
Said the awakeawarenothing
That had never been anywhere else
What a frabjous day !
That memorable day
the day I left for good.

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