Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And now, The Book!

Ilona and Elena, who started the kind, gentle, self-killing machine that is Liberation Unleashed, have put together a book of their work with people who saw through the illusion of a separate self.

Below is the link to a free download, professionally put together by talented volunteers. All work on this book was done over the internet by a free-form working collective of people in  many different countries, without a squawk of egoic "me".

If you EVER tried to get a project off the ground in the workplace, you will know why they call in facilitators and mediators and fixers. I was one of those fixers, so please understand, this is odd.

I always wanted a spirituality that worked when I got up off the cushion.
This is very portable. Enjoy!

In other news, life is good.
Lots of ideas and bits of protective story are falling off.
Including the ones about awakening and enlightenment.
Both oversold, and in reality, literally beyond expectation.
Without an idea to hold the world in a fixed place, this is a constant surprise.
It's like being a kid again :-)

Much love, Elizabeth

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