Monday, August 15, 2011

I Am Out To My Mother

First, I wish to explain that I accidentally (yeah, laugh, it can happen to you), sent a blog link to my mom in a list of email addresses. 
She took it well. 
But then she does know me. Honestly, I am blessed. 
But for a second there, I felt what gay people must feel when they come out of the closet to the people who matter. 
Mom is a bit French, BTW. 
The conversation as follows: 

Bonjour mon Choux:
I see that I am speaking to an enlightened person.... what exactly did happen... a "coup de foudre"?

The Enlightened One Replies: 

"Hi Mom,
Just got in from watering and cleaning the green slime out of the watering trough. Turned the laundry machines over. Cooking chicken. As you can see, I am reaping no benefits from enlightenment! Where are my followers?
Nah, it was really simple, all that fuss from teachers and money paid and all that for nothing, I saw that the self is just an idea, does not really exist. Kind of like the Easter Bunny. 
The reason this is important is simply that we build so much on top of a self concept. Like self-protection, self-interest, self-centeredness, self-consciousness, selfishness. Fear of death and non-existence of self. So once the illusion of self is seen through, those patterns start winding down and you no longer suffer from the self stuff. It comes up as a thought, but you don't believe it and start building more stories. F'rinstance, if someone tells me I am stupid (usually a grain of truth in that), I can start a big old war, tell all my friends how mean that person is, think of all the ways that person is stupid, all the things I should have said to them....or just look at it for the truth and drop it. Very short work. Maybe tell (name of conflict artist here). Heh.
So the thing itself is very small, that one seeing. Once again, what the hell were all those teachers and books on about? And they all say it's small and simple and then write three books!

And the rest of it was recipe for no-bake cheesecake. 
If you would like enlightenment or a killer recipe for no-bake cheesecake, talk to us or check out the blog roll.
Love, Elizabeth

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  1. Chopping wood, carring water, picking up dog poop!
    I love it all! Love you.