Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Me, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

OK—ME has been clearly seen as a thought. So? And?

Who/what sees this thought? Something is here. Maybe not a “thing”.

As I go about the day, all the familiar streams of narration arise about my plans, my responses,
my…fill in the blank. The question arises, “who/what sees this ME thought?” Me…What sees?
My…What sees? The hypnosis of being a separate, ongoing ME just doesn’t seem to be able to
take hold for any extended period of TIME. And there is a sense of space. Here Now Space. “Is
IT still here?” The question arises, again & again. So far, anyway.

As I LOOK, at the thought of ME and at the space in which the thought arises, I notice just how
like Velcro the ME thought is, sticking to every other thought that arises, bundling clumps of
them together, creating whole universes, really. And TIME. It seems to be the ME thought that
bundles & drags memories into the present, giving them a pseudo-life, as well as projecting a
pseudo-life into the future.

It’s not that I hadn’t heard this before—Be Here Now was the first spiritual book I read, back in
the 60s. But the SEEING is a totally different thing. The SEEING that just happens. No effort.
No ME.

The story of ME=TIME

The story of ME=pain

The story of ME=fear

Gratitude & laughter.


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