Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jed McKenna

Jed McKenna is still alive and working on the patterns in my head.
They did not magically disappear, for which I am grateful. Personality and history are there to lend a sense of continuity that a human be-ing needs.

Jed the Enlightened Guy still had a personality and a story.  If you don't know about Jed McKenna's books, Wisefool Press and Amazon are nicely stocked with paper, electronic, and audio versions.
I joined the Spiritually Incorrect Facebook group AFTER seeing through self,  for three reasons.

1/  Reading through comments on , I followed a link to the Ruthless Truth website. There I was warped through the Gate (seeing through the illusion of self) at speed. So, thank you, person who came to that forum and gave others the next step.

2/  Jed's take on enlightenment was invaluable when I showed up all breathless and sweaty on the other side of the Gate. He's pretty deadpan about it all, so it lessens possible drama. Like the world needs more drama.

3/  See Number One. Take the trouble to tell others what worked for you.

What makes these books special to a certain kind of seeker?
Cause Jed does not (overtly) do "heart-centered" anything.
I asked people on the Facebook forum:
"It was a reset button for me that set the destruction of beliefs in motion."
"Don't take sides... not even your own."
"Jed's first book was like a confirmation, that it's ok to be spiritually incorrect. With jed i felt ok hanging out   near the cliff. Thinking about just jumping off, incorrectly."

And a PM from Robert: "Jed pulls together a lot of concepts I was familiar with, packages them insightfully, and perhaps most importantly, he illustrates how these ideas can be applied in "daily life." His books read kinda like novels, in which the Jed character practices being in the world but not of it. For ex., the notion of "what's indicated" works for me. As we float through Maya, on a moment by moment basis, what is indicated? is just about the most useful idea I've stumbled on."

Thank you, people!
If you haven't read the books, "What is indicated?" means letting go of the steering wheel of your life, to see if there *needs* to be a self driving your life.
To see if what happens when "you" get out of the way is a disaster, or a revelation.

I confess, I started very small. Stuff like not making a comment in a conversation, seeing if that made a difference to the other person. Leaving space for something else to happen.
Stuff like not doing the housework on a really grumpy day, and how it changed the grumpiness to not force myself to do it. Letting housework happen.
Left or right? Let the universe decide.
So when the Gate showed up, I was ready.
Thanks, Jed, wherever you are.
Love, Elizabeth


  1. Thanks to you Elizabeth I also stumble into Jed's world.
    I wasn't aware of how much I despised the new age stuff until I found myself yelling "Yeah!" as he destroys every aspect of it one by one.
    He was also for me the greatest teacher on letting go of the steering wheel, and helped me move closer to realizing all that I am not.

  2. Thanks, P. Many tacos and cuppa coffees later, we are still going further. I blame you.
    Love, E

  3. Jed is alive and real. I've been communicating with him over two years, since my 'big bang'.

    He has a Forum and interacts with people on a one to one basis. Only 'you' matters there.

  4. From someone who actually met the guy. Real Jed