Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No-Self, Extreme Spiritual Detox

Welcome to our new blog.
We are three women who recently became enlightened, according to the criteria of seeing through the illusion of self.
We have had over 25 years apiece of seeking and not finding, so we are as amazed as anyone.
Which is odd as we have been earnestly sitting and moving house and paying teachers and engaging in practices in hot pursuit of the ineffable.
But apparently not expecting to FIND the ineffable. While being told that it is always and already there. By the supposedly enlightened, and the clearly enlightened.
Anyone else confused by this?
Hell, yes.
So we are delighted to announce that we managed this feat of seeing that there actually is not an "I" to be found by (drum roll, please) actually looking for it.
With the help and assistance of people working from the Ruthless Truth website, and their associated blogs.
Yes, people, it is now possible to get enlightened on the internet or social media platforms, for free, with the help of a person who got enlightened that way. Some people, very earnest and sincere people, have gotten 'it' from reading the blogs and site threads and connections.
Why would that sound like a joke?
However, if you have indeed been looking for your self in all the wrong places (and you know they are wrong because, erm, you haven't seen through the illusion or you wouldn't still be reading this) please do go and check it out.
Costs nothing, and you will not lose a single thing that is real. Guaranteed.
Here are a few links to get you started.
Note that there is a different tone to each site.
Pick one you like and get started, or start talking to us.

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